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All astrology/religion books, papers and articles.

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Yogic commentary on Hanuman Chalisa

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Book on Vedic Symbolism in Several Volumes


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Know the important features of Mihira

  • Obtain astrological advice from Dr.S.Madhavan on all matters.
  • Life Predictions based on the karma theory.
  • Predictions for 2014/15/16.
  • Readings for any aspect of life - career, business, finance, love, family life, marriage, children, health etc
  • Transit predictions.
  • Match Horoscopes for checking marriage compatibility.
  • Lucky stones report.
  • Fix auspicious dates for any occasion.
  • Get answer to any questions asked.
  • Prashna or horary astrology
  • Astrological remedies such as pujas, homas and rakshas
  • Online Astrology Software
  • Free Horoscope Software
  • Horoscope and Prediction Software
  • Advanced Horoscope and Prediction Software
  • Horoscope Matching Software
  • Gemfinder Software
  • Muhurta Software
  • Prashna Software
  • Site Options
  • Free books, articles and papers
  • Multiple formats
  • Multiple languages
  • Color and Monochrome Reports
  • Choice of ayanamsa
  • OpenID Login support
  • Multiple payment options - paypal, credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, checks, wire transfer etc
  • Mihira Cards, Mihira Packs and Subscriptions
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